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Get the Power You Need | Generator Services & Backup Power

Electrical power is something that you need on a daily basis, but there will always be situations that lead to outages – whether caused by a strong storm, an issue with the electrical service provider or something else. When the power goes out, you will not be able to run your run your air conditioner, turn the lights on, power your appliances or anything else that requires electricity.

It's true: life can come to a standstill without electrical power, but you don't have to endure hardship during times like this if you have a backup generator installed by A-1 Enterprises, Inc and our expert Electricians.

Get a Top-Quality Generators from our Expert Electricians at A-1 in Ormond Beach, FL

Since the early 1980s, A-1 Enterprises has been serving all kinds of customers in the Ormond Beach, FL area, and our electricians are ready to respond to your service request as well. We offer a full range of generator services to meet your needs; we take care of generator installation and repair work. We sell only top-quality products, and we are skilled at providing service on a wide range of makes and models of generators.

At A-1 Enterprises, Inc., we are the only generator service provider you need to call for all of your electrical service needs. Contact us as soon as possible so we can provide you with an fast, free service estimate.

Learn More About Our Products and Electrician Services

At A-1 Enterprises, we sell and service both natural gas and propane generators, making us the only company you need to contact for all of your backup power needs. You never know when the next major storm will pass through, when the transformer will go out or when something entirely unexpected will occur – but you won't need to worry about it when you are prepared for this worst-case scenario. To learn more about our products and electrician services, call us today.